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The Company

The brand “Grünes Glück” is backed by an Austrian family enterprise founded in 2002 which deals in choice Lucullan treasures from Austria.

The core team of “Grünes Glück” works in the centre of Europe, in the seventh Vienna district and only a few steps away from the historically important old city.

Mirko Paul Hämmerle

Position: Managing Director, CEO
Languages: German, English
Telephone: +43 (699) 1465 3362
Fax: +43 (1) 2533033 – 9823


Many of our partner companies cultivate for example according to biological standards without saying so on the label. We do not like bureaucratic red tape, we rather follow our conscience and work without chemistry, in harmony with nature and the old traditions without noisy advertising.



For gourmets like you

  • who want to pass on to other people our concern to carefully preserve old lore of many generations, to promote it and allow it to be experienced by others,
  • who appreciate our meticulous search for quality and naturalness,
  • who look for quality instead of quantity,
  • who consider our values (cooperation with small producers instead of mass production, corporate social responsibility etc) as important and correct,
  • who live the idea of the green movement und respect of nature,
  • who are concerned with “knowing“ instead of “showing“,
  • who enjoy life and want the best of the best,
  • who want to reward themselves and indulge in something extraordinary and unique.