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This is what customers think of “Grünes Glück“:

“it is the most precious pumpkin seed oil in the world”

  • “Pumpkin seed oil spurs libido and prevents prostate problems“
  • “keeps you slim”
  • “is good for your hair“
  • “is produced by traditional craftsmanship“
  • “ products are manufactured naturally and sustainably in Austria“
  • “consists of high quality authentic GM-free ingredients “
  • “healthy can also have an excellent taste“
  • “every year there is only a limited edition, number, bottling“
  • “a just price for acting responsibly“
  • “a fair cooperation with selected partner firms and suppliers with extraordinary ingredients ”
  • “complete transparency without small print (all our products show the producers, explain the method and the ingredients are documented and listed according to the amount)”
  • “a Lucullan enrichment for customers who care for good taste and quality“

“Austria in the centre of Europe, its people and its culture are held in high esteem and trusted”