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The seeds sown in spring on the fields of Styria will grow till autumn under optimal weather conditions into beautiful big pumpkins.
The harvest of the Styrian skinless pumpkin seed Cucurbita pepo var. Styrica won’t start until the pumpkins have reached a yellow-orange colour.

The seeds are separated from the pulp, collected and sorted. This is mostly still done by hand in smaller, exclusive firms like for the production of “Grünes Glück Kürbiskernöl”. The seeds are then washed and dried at low temperature. The dried seeds are ground, roasted and pressed. For the production of 250ml pure “Grünes Glück Kürbiskernöl “one needs approx. 600g dried pumpkin seeds, corresponding to about 8 pumpkins.

The oil obtained is viscous, dark green and has a nutty smell and a unique taste.

The natural product pumpkin seed oil, also called “green gold“, has been produced since the 18th century und is today an absolute favourite in modern households and in international top gastronomy. It has an excellent taste und complements meals at the highest level. “Grünes Glück Kürbiskernöl“ promises maximum culinary pleasure and joie de vivre – a real treat!